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Follow me, I know the way!


4 berichten.
Lynn Wickstra Lynn Wickstra schreef op april 26, 2024 om 4:30 pm
Wim! You are the BEST! we had a wonderful trip in the beautiful Netherlands with you as our guide! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and taking us to such great places! And a special thank you for taking good care of me when I fell! We miss you now that we are home!
Kenneth Pimentel Kenneth Pimentel uit France schreef op oktober 22, 2023 om 2:02 pm
It was wonderful meeting you Wim. You are a person who cares about other people. You treated everyone in our group with kindness. You were always encouraging and in such a happy mood that even the rain didn't bother us. 🙂
George and Jackie Gallagher George and Jackie Gallagher uit United States schreef op april 15, 2023 om 11:23 am
Wim, We had such a great and fun experience on our Boat and Bike tour! You were an amazing and knowledgeable guide. It made all the difference!
Giovanni Giovanni schreef op april 16, 2020 om 4:41 pm
Ciao Wim, questo e un sito web molto bello!